Morris Canal Photos in Color

Below are photos of the Morris Canal, from the decommissioning survey, which have been colorized using computer software. We are likely to see improved techniques like this as time progresses.

Morris Canal East of Plane Street Newark

Morris Canal Pier Abandonment

Governor's Abandonment Committee on Canal Abandonment

Morris Canal at Waterloo Village

Plane 10 East - Morris Canal

Morris Canal Photos at the Library of Congress

Inclined Plane 6 West - Port Colden - Morris Canal
The Library of Congress maintains a collection of 288 photos and schematics of the Morris Canal. The bulk of these photos come from the decommissioning survey and report completed when the Canal was closed in the 1930s or thereabouts.

These photos can provide important insight into local historic sites, sometimes confirming evidence already present, or in many cases showing a unique view into historic features which are now wholly obscured by roadways and development.

Canal Street, Newark  - Panorama - Morris Canal

The collection can be viewed at this URL, with the bulk of the materials online: