About the Lincoln Park Historical Society

Where is the Lincoln Park History Museum located?
137 Main St. in Lincoln Park. Parking is along the driveway at the adjacent American Legion.

When is the museum open?
The Lincoln Park History Museum is open from Noon to 4 pm the 2nd and 4th Sunday’s each month, with the exception of August. Admission is free with a suggested donation. The museum is occasionally closed for special events. Remember, the Pequannock History Museum on Evans Place in nearby Pompton Plains is the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month from Noon to 3 pm, so make a day of it! -- The Lincoln Park History Museum is also available for group tours, such as scouts and schools, from September through June on Wednesdays by appointment only. Please call Christopher Lotito at (973) 934-5556 to schedule a group visit. A $2 per visitor donation is requested for Wednesday group visits.

What is the Lincoln Park History Museum’s Mission?
To preserve the history of the building, a former library (1), to preserve the history of Lincoln Park (2), and to preserve the history of the Morris Canal. We also provide information about the history of Old Pequannoc in general.

Who operates the museum?
The Lincoln Park Historical Society, a group of 45+ members who live in and around Lincoln Park, operate the Lincoln Park History Museum. The group is open to any who pay and meetings are public. Meetings are held monthly in the Community Room at Borough Hall at 7:30 pm the first Tuesday of each month.

What is the history of the Lincoln Park Historical Society?
The Lincoln Park Historical Society is legally a 501c3 charity registered as the “Beavertown Historical Society.” In February of 2016, 43 new volunteers joined the 2 remaining volunteers from the Beavertown Historical Society. The name was changed, informally, to help residents of Lincoln Park recognize that this is their historic group since the Beavertown name is no longer well know.

What is the history of the Lincoln Park History Museum?
The building located at 137 Main St. was built around 1927 and did not feature indoor plumbing at that time. It is believed that the building did not possess electricity until sometime after its construction as well. The building operated as Lincoln Park’s public library until the 1960’s when the new library was built near the current site of Borough Hall on Route 202.  The museum has been operated by the Beavertown Historical Society in the past. Originally, the Beavertown Historical Society owned the building, with an agreement in place to maintain a partial library of historic books deaccessioned from the Lincoln Park Library. Sometime after the 1960’s the building became the property of the Borough, which now leases it to the Lincoln Park Historical Society for $1 a year. In the early 2000’s the building was damaged when a car struck it and the front steps were replaced with wooden steps. The building was a repainted by an Eagle Scout, also in the early 2000’s, though unforeseen issues with paint previously applied to the building meant that some additional touch up work was required after the fact. In the mid-2000’s, a serious roof leak badly damaged the drywall within the museum. The roof was replaced by the Borough, but the damage was done and the museum was in poor repair. Due to damage, restoration efforts, and low membership, the museum’s last recorded visit was a school group in 2009. From 2011 to February of 2016, the museum was officially closed. In February of 2016, the new Lincoln Park Historical Society met for the first time. By the 2016 Memorial Day Parade, the museum was restored internally (refinished floors, modern bathroom, new exhibits, and finished, painted drywall) and open for visitors once more.

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